Why should you be using Airserv?

What are the advantages and benefits for you?

  • The Rainbow Cheetah aircraft used by Airserv can manoeuvre at low speeds and provides a smoother platform than a helicopter, but mostly, it costs about 1/3rd of a helicopter rate per hour to operate. A real cost advantage for our clients.
  • NO RISK TO YOU – You only settle for your pictures after viewing the captured images. Low res thumbnail images are emailed to you for assessment.
  • After settlement, you receive all the captured images on DVD, in an uncompressed format and suitable for use in the medium of your choice.
  • Text and graphics can be embedded in your images.
  • Airserv can undertake in house, large format printing of your images.

Working Parameters

  • All planned flights require min.36Hrs Air Traffic Control clearance, for any operations within controlled airspace.
  • Aerial Photography requires calm and clear weather for best results.

Please visit the Airserv gallery to see the work standard and you are encouraged to click here for a printable quotation request form.

KZN’s greatest collection of the best aerial photography. Contact Steve or call: 082 8911 689

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