Background and History

aerial-photography-services-photographs-durban-kwazulu-natal-south-africaSteve started dabbling with aerial photography in 1994, making use of a Powered Paraglider. This marvellous craft allowed ideal positioning on site and was a stable platform, operating at a very low cost. Perhaps the only drawback to a PPG was it’s limitations in terms of speed, allowing for only one target site per outing. So whilst the PPG got Steve into the air and provided a low operating cost, it was not productive. Now using regular aircraft since 2008 which have ‘the legs’ to go out and position for the capture of say 6 – 10 sites, in the same time frame as what the PPG did just one site – so a much improved and more economical method of getting up there and gathering imagery. Wherever feasible, the aircraft of choice now is a top wing SkyReach Bush Cat and it’s most favoured attribute is the slow loitering speed for photography and yet the speed to travel quickly to distant sites.

Steve’s Aerial Photographic Tips an Tricks – Download PDF Here